Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Opening my blog redirects to another site, how to fix?

After a long time, I wanted to write a blog post and when I opened my blog, instead of my blog some other website (see image below) with ads is displayed. 

At first I felt like site got hacked, but as blogger is managed by Google the possibility of hacking sounded foolish and my blog is not popular enough to be hacked ;-P

After some read up found that it could be redirected by malware present in third-party widgets, this seemed plausible in my case as I have added couple of third party widgets to my blog.

How to fix?

Solution is very simple, go to blogger dashboard and change the theme/layout with blogger provided themes. This worked like charm for me and redirection to other website issue disappeared. Although this approach fixes the issue, you have to redesign the blog again.

With this incident, I have decided to not use any third party widgets now onwards.